1 Jenny & Peter Fisher

1. Jenny & Peter Fisher

44 Yarck Village Place, Yarck

Our garden has been a work in progress for the past 5 years since we purchased the property in 2012. We could see the garden had good bones that we could work with and adapt to our own tastes and lifestyle. We like the idea of different areas or rooms and have varying views from every window in the house. Our favorite being at the rear of the house under the large Robinia Moptop surrounded by the Ligustrum hedges.

We have since added the vegie patch and chicken coop and just last year after competing with the parrots and cockies for our plums, apricots and apples we constructed the orchard cover, so the plan is now, anything edible that grows above the ground will be planted in the orchard! The Crepe Myrtles in the garden were already established and we have planted several types of maples around the yard so we can enjoy the lovely Autumn color that is achievable here in the cooler climate.

Salvias, are a favorite in the garden for their toughness and long flowering along with the many varieties of Callistemon and Grevilleas. With the addition of these plants the birdlife has increased immensely around our garden.

The rose garden although established when we arrived has been improved and extended adding our own favourite varieties. In addition to the rose garden there are a number of roses planted all throughout the garden, at the last count totaling 105. The raised garden behind the rose garden evolved from an existing empty long pile of dirt (which came from the excavations for the water tanks) into what we call the heap garden. This is planted out with westringia, grevilleas and callistemon and anything else that is tough enough to survive without a lot of attention. After two years of hand watering the garden with rationed water from one 30,000 litre tank we installed another 28,000 litre tank and later a bore, now we have the luxury of using sprinklers and the garden has thrived.