2 Allan Bull & Leanne McCready

2. Allan Bull & Leanne McCready

"Alle'e de Villeneuve"  27 Villeneuve Street, Alexandra

What is behind the hedge?

A hidden garden has been developed over the years with a number of owners adding their style in transforming the garden.

When Leanne and Allan purchased their property 3 years ago, only half of the garden had been landscaped. The ‘old’ section of the garden had been heavily planted and was quite overgrown with some plants struggling for light and unfortunately others had not survived.

With a general clean out, replacement of garden edging and introduction of new smaller planting, Leanne and Allan then concentrated on the back section of the garden.

Boundary fences were built, over 50 cubic metres of fill and tonnes of mud rocks were brought in to landscape the back area and then planting commenced.

Three raised garden beds were constructed to create a vegetable patch, utilising pavers left from the previous owner, pathways were created around the vegie gardens providing clean areas to walk when tending to the vegetables.

The garden continues to grow and has a cottage garden theme with irises, roses, flowering deciduous trees and an established large camellia hedge and seating area.

The latest project was beautifying the elevated front nature strip utilising flowering white crepe myrtles and masses of ground covers.

Watering systems are in place and come on automatically during the warmer months but with mulching, the plants are surviving the extremes in weather.



  • Rusty Sculptures by Russ Brebner a well know sculptor from Mornington Peninsular will be available for sale during both days.  www.russbrebner.com.au