2 Mandy & Bjorn Valsinger

2. Mandy & Bjorn Valsinger

Surrounded by paddocks, huge eucalypts and native shrubs, this garden has been designed to suit our lifestyle and interests. There are three areas for outdoor entertaining – a deck on the north side of the house, a shady courtyard to the South and a new barbeque area overlooking a lotus and waterlily dam.

A covered vegetable garden provides for our table and numerous fruit trees keep us and the parrots busy.  A new beehive is located close to the veggie garden and we hope for our own honey in 2016. Benches and tables are located in shady spots with pretty views and decorative features may be found throughout the garden.

Plantings include a gift garden where all the plants have been given to me as cuttings. These include some interesting hebes, pelargoniums, miniature hydrangeas, day lilies and more. A clump of Eucalyptus Silver Princess is under-planted with a cushion of banksia, callistamon and corea alba and water tanks are covered in jasmine and a banksia rose. Roses are bordered by erigeron, Jacobean lilies and a pair of pin-wheel hakias are under-planted with cotyledon and erigeron. Native grape vine (cissus Antarctica), wisterias, the climbing roses Wedding Day and Crepuscule, Altissimo and jasmines provide shade, shelter and a fine show in spring.

New for this year is a wildflower garden under the olive trees, the dam-side barbeque area and a long border of smoke bush, mini agapanthus, hebes and pelargoniums.


  • Mosaic Feature - Mosaic Magic Aly Karazija
  • Catering Limestone Fresh - Lunch and morning/afternoon tea provided on the deck
  • Garden Sculpture - Get Rusted
  • Marian Rennie from Cathedral Art will have hand carved and hand painted decoy ducks on display and for sale.

Note:  Beehive at this garden

Mandy & Bjorn Valsinger
Mandy & Bjorn Valsinger