3 Lucy & Paul Wallis

3. Lucy & Paul Wallis

Our garden has been a work in progress over 10 years but during the last two years our passion for gardening has grown. We have developed our outdoor areas with the idea that around each corner is something different to catch the eye. We love to grow our own food and have established a very productive fruit and vegie area. Around the garden we have incorporated water features along with bird aviaries and have many different breeds of birds on display, along with a chook and duck run. Our garden will surprise visitors when they see what has been fitted on to a town block. There are seats to relax and enjoy the garden’s spring growth and colours.



  • A special attraction at our venue will be the display and sales of Christy’s Creations jewellery which is crafted by local artist Christy Snow
  • Aviaries
Lucy & Paul Wallis
Lucy & Paul Wallis