3 Melinda & Chris Jackson

3. Melinda & Chris Jackson

'Prospect House'  58 Downey St., Alexandra

Prospect House has been our home for 27 years, and after raising children and renovating the interior, it is now time to work on the garden.

The house has passed through many incarnations since it was originally built on 2 acres with a frontage to Albert St, tennis court on the west side of the house, and free range chickens and a milk cow roaming where the Albert Close units are now sited. For many years it was a boarding house, so home to many local identities.

Planting choices have been inspired by visits to local and distant gardens, and gifts from family and friends. Following the example of my Tasmanian brother, the Downey St frontage was planted with a muhlenbeckia (wire creeper) hedge.

Inside the fence there is a small herb and vegetable garden, then a perennial border featuring rugosa roses and drought tolerant plants including Irises, penstemons, salvias, scabious and succulents.

Following the gravel path to the main front garden, we find more roses, Spring flowering bulbs, Edna Walling's favourite malus ioensis, lilacs, abutilon, acanthus and alstroemeria varieties.

The Mansfield mudstone retaining wall to the south of the house is a recent addition to a bed which features pink flowering dogwood and Japanese maples underplanted with azaleas, bluebells, Solomon's seal, scented geranium and hellebores. Along the fenceline we have planted oak leaf hydrangeas, Geraldton wax,  lorapetalum, crepe myrtles and buddleia. Now all we have to do is be patient and wait for them to grow.

The most recent planting behind the granny flat is a cordon of step-over apples, planted this last winter. We hope they will prove easier to prune and protect from hungry visiting birds than the larger varieties they replace.

This area is also home to a collection of hydrangeas which have followed us from home to home, plus a couple of other fruit trees.

It is suggested that visitors park in nearby Coster Street, in the doctors' clinic car park.



  • Refreshments - Tea/Coffee - Devonshire Teas - Proceeds Rotary Club of Alexandra Project ~ 'Young Men Old Mountains'
  • Botanical Art - Watercolour ~ Margaret Zaal & Donna Carter