4 Simone & Lucas Russell

4. Simone & Lucas Russell

12 years ago Lucas and Simone Russell decided that Alexandra was the place to settle and raise their family. Recognising the potential of a small house on ‘the best street in Alexandra’ they set about slowly making changes to the dated and neglected property.

Using the natural beauty of Leckie Park, which is situated opposite the property, Simone and Lucas have been able to incorporate their own maple and ash trees to give the illusion of living in a tree house.

Many of the bulbs, perennials and shrubs in this garden have been begged, borrowed or stolen from family and friends. Simone has enjoyed propagating the occasional ‘over the fence snippet’ as well.

The flat backyard features a sizeable vegie garden where Lucas is most often to be found. There are several citrus trees that give a very generous number of oranges, grapefruit and lemons for family use and to share around.

From the chook shed, Zeebee and her girlfriends toil away at both egg and compost production. A large tank means plenty of water to keep this happy garden green and fertile in the summer.

The pleasure from being outdoors in their garden has come down from both sides of their family. Parents and grandparents, who also loved to be at work in the soil and the season, have left a fruitful legacy.

Simone & Lucas Russell
Simone & Lucas Russell