5 Anne & Pete Norris

5. Anne & Peter Norris


69 Myrtle Street, Alexandra

Anne and Peter moved into their Myrtle St. home in July 2010. Using rusty farm pieces in the garden is a theme carried from the 2 previous gardens Anne and Peter have opened. Anne grew up on a farm, so the use of old gates, wagon wheels and rustic pieces from her parents and grandparents’ properties are very nostalgic.

There was some garden when they purchased the home, of which they kept the 6 standard roses and 2 ornamental pear trees. Silver birches were planted for their ghostly bark texture, maples for their beautiful autumn colours, mop tops for their weeping lime green appearance and the pear trees for their lovely blossom. These trees have grown quickly, giving some privacy to the bottom section of the garden. Roses are a favourite and are growing throughout the garden, as standards, bush and climbing.

The entry path is lined with standard roses under planted with succulents. To the left the path leads to the upstairs patio and also the fernery under the house. Maples with their dark crimson colour and the red stems and green leaves of the hedged Loral bushes form a screen to the bottom area. We have planted succulents in various containers, mop tops to give privacy, the wisteria arbour for colour, box hedging and lavender to formalize sections of the garden and clematis for its sheer beauty. Screens made by son Kyall, blend with the rustic theme of this garden. Citrus fruits grow in large pots up the drive.

The garden has other plantings of lilac, smoke bush, dogwood, salvias, daisies and other low growing cottage plants. Along with grasses, iris, annuals and new bulbs added every year. Some plants have been brought from the original house for sentimental reasons. There are two tree ferns from Anne’s grandfather’s property that he cut for her back in 1974. The purple bulb at the front of the property is from Pete’s grandmother and originally came from her Coburg home. We have recently extended the garden to the nature strip adding Silver birches, camellias, salvias, a slow growing escallonia hedge, bulbs and succulents. There is a gate down the drive giving access to the nature strip. These gardens are evolving with some rustic pieces added to continue the overall garden theme.

Please sign the autograph book and browse photos of their previous gardens in Alexandra. Hope you enjoy and watch your step.



  • There will be plants for sale on both days.