6 Gillian & Richard Steward

6. Gillian & Richard Steward

Shade in the garden was non-existent when we arrived 18 years ago, but now the table has turned enabling a wider range of plants to be grown. This garden is packed with flowering plants and plants grown from tubers, rhizomes and bulbs are one of our passions as some of these will be flowering every season.

Over the last 6 years a small collection of Vireya Rhododendrons have been established in hanging baskets giving us flowers over many months. We have collected seed from these and the first Rhododendron seedlings are now 3-4 cm tall.

Somewhere in the garden will be a plant from every continent except Antarctica, unless someone can prove that the lichens on our rocks are also found growing down south!

As in most gardens weeds are a constant problem, we feel we have won the battle against Cape weed and Onion weed, our next challenge is the annual creeping Oxalis.


Gillian & Richard Steward
Gillian & Richard Steward