6 Pam & Ross Thompson

6. Pam & Ross Thompson

"Yarrimbah" 18 Perkins Street, Alexandra

This garden is in every way a contrast to their 3-acre garden at “Myston,” in Jones Close, previously shared in the Alexandra Open Gardens.

The creation of our town garden was largely determined by the fact that the block had been sub-divided from the residence and garden above.
The new house was settled into the block quite close to a large retaining wall. This gave scope to the planting of many ground covers framed by a row of pittosporum and callistemon creating a tapestry of colour and form to be enjoyed through the large windows in the kitchen and family room area. Many of the plants were “rescued” prior to the building works and relocated within the new garden thus giving it quite an established look. Three small raised vegetable gardens and dwarf fruit trees cater for Pam’s culinary needs.
The name “Yarrimbah” comes from the aboriginal word meaning camp under a tree, and the observer can not help noticing the large imposing oak tree that gives shade to the front part of the garden during the hot summers.
The use of white stones instead of lawns to frame the front garden beds, created an easy care garden which enables Pam and Ross to enjoy their caravan holidays as often as possible.


  • An exhibition of artworks by Noel Stevenson will be featured and for sale during the Open Garden Weekend.