6 Susan Pearce & Michael Daly

6. Susan Pearce & Michael Dally

13 Barton Avenue, Marysville

We started with a clean slate after Black Saturday. Mark Browning of Cycad designs came up with the initial plan. Phillip Johnson’s team undertook the landscaping, “moat” and rock placement. We used the plan to plant out the different sections ourselves. We certainly learnt that soil preparation is everything.

Plants were chosen to compliment the various seasons and to provide material to compliment Sue’s interest in floristry. Japanese maples make use of afternoon shade around the driveway and Canadian (lipstick) maples are under-planted with hellebores and our orchids in summer. Other sections feature herbs, rhododendrons, natives, magnolias and the tri-nations area. The latter has New Zealand, South African and Australian natives battling for a place in the sun.  Lump studio steelwork help define the various areas.

We have planted quite a few grevillias and salvias to attract bird-life, which can also make use of a number of Darren Gilbert’s sculptures for bathing or perching or whatever birds want to do. And the Japanese pines, well just because.

Visitors please park & enter this property via Murchison Street not Barton Avenue.