7 Cath & Vince Collett

7. Cath & Vince Collett

Our garden at 13 Girdwood Court is the product of 8 years of labour intensive pick and shovel work. We pride ourselves on not having used machines in constructing our 4 acres of garden and young developing parkland.

In its early days this block was heavily planted with fast growing wattles to give privacy. This planting has gradually changed to a more formal style, with hedging and clipping of plants such as Diosma, Westringia and English Box. Conifers are a more recent addition and fit the formal style of the garden.

Having started this garden while raising a young family we propagated many plants, used tree seeds where possible and purchased lots of $5 specials to keep the cost down and be able to continue to expand the garden. It has been a great challenge but also very rewarding.

Inspiration for the garden started with local parks and gardens, then a visit to England and France gave us another view on gardening design. The result today is a combination of all the ideas we have picked up during our travels and then adapting those ideas to fit our block and our garden style.

Our goal for this property is to one day have 4 acres of mature parkland and gardens with lots of lawn. Hopefully the trees we have planted will be our footprint, and our 3 boys will have put their stamp on the property by planting their own trees and watching them grow.