7 Di Robb & Ken Deacon

7. Di Robb & Ken Deacon

"Rosebank" 171 Rubicon Road, RUBICON

Our farm garden of 25 years sits alongside a trout filled stream and tranquil pools of water, a delightful place for BBQs or quiet reflection. Yet the garden itself is primarily for food production and although the garden won't be in its full harvest in October, the seasonal rotation of veggies leaves plenty of winter produce on show.

New spring veggie plantings as well as chooks, berries, composting, bees and espalier orchard, mixed with a sprinkling of flowers and young natives, will all be in full swing for your enjoyment.

We're looking forward to chatting to other enthusiastic gardeners to share each other’s tips and ideas.



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  • FD Ryan Australian Tools - Handmade garden tools
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