9 Sao & Neal Hambridge

9. Sao & Neal Hambridge

This is our first Open Garden since taking over Larnook from  John and Lois Hardham last year.  Since then the garden has been maintained to its previous high standard with the only major change being the re-installment of the boundary fence. We like to think that Larnook has a park like structure with the intimacy of a cottage garden.

Main features are the specimen flowering trees and shrubs, tasteful hard-scaping and its "Jewel in the Crown" a private stretch of the Little Steavenson river with a bridge to a secluded rear garden. The garden has been carefully designed to present three different aspects. The first is the front garden with a stone water feature, the second is the middle garden with patio, blue stone wall feature, raised citrus bed and lawn down to the river bank. The first two mentioned can be easily enjoyed from within the house and the latter mostly during the Winter.

The rear garden is accessed by the bridge and is a quiet, shaded haven from the sun on hot alpine days.

The planting by John and Lois had been carefully planned and to our opinion the “less is more” maxim applied as they did not over-plant with many different varieties of flora or garden art. We feel this approach works extremely well in its presentation along with a bonus of a medium level of maintenance and watering.

We hope you enjoy Larnook as much as we do.