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Saturday 23rd & Sunday 24th October 2021  *  10am - 4pm  *  Come ... be inspired!

Green Wave

8. Sonya & David Evans

'Attunga Farm' 82 Rollasons Road, THORNTON

'Attunga Farm' garden has developed over many years, before and after our arrival.  We purchased the property in 2004 and for us it was the beautiful established trees that made this property our dream escape from a busy city life.

After enjoying a couple of seasons in the garden we decided to engage our friend, Paul Bangay to develop an overall garden plan.   We gave Paul free rein with his design as we knew he respected the established trees and wanted only to enhance them and further honour the environment.  He was able to create a variety of spaces which we use at different times of the day and seasons.  We have the large ‘great lawn’, the smaller rooms off the crab apple walk, the pavilion over the lily pond and the ha-ha wall overlooking the pears at the bottom of the drive.   Removing fences has created a garden of much greater proportion and allowed us to plant additional trees.  We love the way that we still see beyond the garden to the paddocks and now the golf course.

Paul consulted with us in terms of what would thrive in the area and also included a number of trees and plant varieties that we wanted for sentimental reasons.  As much as possible we have been able to achieve a variety of plants that has made us all happy.  During the reconstruction of the garden we moved all of the old roses to a couple of new garden beds dug in a paddock. Over the years this area has become an ‘ad hoc’ area for trying new things and recently for a vegetable garden.  We have found peony roses love this area and each year we plant another one or two.

The garden beds on the south west side of the drive are the newest additions.  The summer of 2018-19 was their first season and the next stage of the garden will be establishing a more structured vegetable garden.

We are slowly establishing a ‘bee friendly garden’ near the bee hives.  Their favourite plants seem to be the lemon verbena, lavender, rosemary and the camellias.  We feel sure that the vegetable garden has been stronger since the introduction of the hives.

All the hard structural work - the massive iron bark pergolas, the pavilion, the timber gates and the stone work have been constructed by local contractors.  The daily work in the garden has for many years been done with passion and dedication by the talented Donna Jeffery, Heidi Grotaers assists her throughout the year.  We work in the garden as much as possible and have loved watching the development, particularly the growth of the trees we planted in 2007.

As a family and gardening team we all have a favourite area, plant or tree in the garden.  Do you?



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