Green Curve

Garden #2
Greg & Chris Siciliano

We love our garden and what it allows us to produce regarding food.  We do our best to utilise our produce for preserves supplying family & friends.

Garden Owner
Greg & Chris Siciliano

15 Johnston Street,  ALEXANDRA

Siciliano 1

A medium to large town garden, mixed exotics, perennials, roses, fruit trees and vegetable garden.

Both our parents were keen gardeners, producing enough fruit & veg to feed family & friends as well as growing flowering trees, shrubs and plants for pleasure.

We took over an established garden however, many changes have been implemented due to trees being damanged by strong winds or too much water.  We have also felt the need to put our own stamp on the garden.

We both garden, Greg moreso with the fruit and vegetables and anything that requires a bit of man power.  We try to grow as much from seed as possible and save our seeds from year to year eg. tomatoes, rocket and garlic.

When trees have been snapped by strong winds or fallen over due to sodden earth, it is an opportunity to plan and plant something else.

The garden is always changing due to trees that have doubled in size creating too much shade, the same with a wisteria covering a shade house.

We love our garden and what it allows us to produce regarding food.  We do our best to utilise our proiduce for preserves, supplying family & friends.  The back garden is also a great area for entertaining family & friends who get to enjoy what we do.

The garden is constantly changing with the seasons giving us & visitors a pleasurable experience.  It's lovely to be able to share the garden experience with like minded people.

New Garden

Additional Attractions:

  • The Woodworkers Guild (Woodies)
  • Maples - Simon Chartres
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