Green Curve

Garden #4
Paul & Lucy Wallis

Our garden will surprise visitors when they see what has been fitted on to a town block. There are seats to relax and enjoy the garden’s spring growth and colours.

Garden Owners
Paul & Lucy Wallis

4 Bon Street,  ALEXANDRA


Our love of being outdoors and a love of creating and designing things, inspsires us in the garden.

We were lucky enough to begin with a blank canvas over 20 years ago.  We have been able to design what we wanted or needed.  So every plant, garden bed, path, paver, painted surface etc. we have achieved ourselves.

Our garden has quite a number of different spaces, or some like to say 'rooms' in the garden, each area being suited to a different season of the year.

Our front garden is quite large and I would describe it as having a touch of cottage and a touch of formal.

You then travel down the side of the house which is a bit of a hot spot, so a great little spot for succulents and grasses.

Just beyond that is the waterfall and fernery, then you can wander through another gate and you will come across an undercover outdoor entertaining area.

Just to the side of that is the kids play ground with swings, a sand pit and cubby house (I provide a family day care service).

Then through the next gate you will find the pool area and what we call the 'shack' (entertaining area) then beyond that you enter the vegetable garden. The chicken coop and run is located in there as well. The soil in the vegetable garden was very poor when we first started but with the help of the chickens, the garden now has great soil and we have a steady flow of great fertiliser.

We also have our summer fernery,  underneath the mop tops out the back.

Then finally, in the very back corner we have our fire pit, which is awesome to sit around, while cooking a spit roast in the autumn and winter.  There are also six bird cages located around the garden.

Ample parking across the road at the Rail Trail carpark.

The Alexandra & District Open Gardens Weekend has been running since 1990 and these are some of the best reasons to consider coming up to Alexandra and the district this October.


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