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Saturday 26th & Sunday 27th October 2024 *  10am - 4pm  *  Come ... be inspired!

Garden #1
Sandra & Brendan

'Gums & Roses' is a large country garden with approximately 90 standard roses, natives, conifers, Japanese maples, camellias, ferns and hundreds of bulbs.

Garden Owners
Sandra & Brendan

23 Patagorang Place Buxton


In 2017, we embarked on a journey with our garden which started as 3 acres of an almost blank canvas. We now affectionately refer to our garden as “Gums and Roses.”

Our gardening journey has been a mix of trials and errors as we experimented with different plants. Some thrived and grew larger than the label suggested, others withered in the frost, and some provided an extensive feast for local cockatoos! Ultimately, though, we discovered a deep affection for roses, with approximately 90 standard roses gracing our garden. Alongside these, is a harmonious blend of native flora, conifers, Japanese maples, camellias, and ferns, resulting in a seamless integration of vibrant colours and captivating fragrances. Below the surface are several hundred bulbs that bring colour to the dormant winter and early spring garden.  It's a place where native birds are drawn, and it's something we pour our hearts into. Since we both work full-time, we spend our weekends maintaining and creating the garden as it has become our hobby.

For the first five years, we visited our home in Buxton only on weekends. In 2022, we moved in permanently. We have strong memories of being unable to visit for months on end due to COVID lockdowns. During this time, we were unable to tend to the garden and were locked out by the 'ring of steel.' After many long months, our return was bittersweet. It was disheartening to see weeds taking over and waist-high grass. Tears were shed as we sat in the long grass, contemplating where to begin to restore the garden to the tranquil haven it once was. With permission to visit our home for one weekend granted as a fire safety precaution, we mowed, whipper-snipped, pulled weeds, and did not stop, only to leave and not return for many months, repeating the same process.

Exploring our garden will lead you to discover unique metal art pieces that infuse character, personality, interest, and charm. Many of the pieces are made by local artists. We've created cosy spots to sit back and savour the views and appreciate the garden's beauty. Whenever inspiration strikes, we eagerly embark on new projects, fuelled by the desire to create something special. Brendan enthusiastically prepares his workspace and gets his power tools ready to bring my vision to life whenever he hears the words " I've got an idea....'

Our garden includes a peaceful billabong where you can relax and enjoy the serene countryside atmosphere. It's a great spot for quiet reflection in a rustic setting. The garden is particularly beautiful in spring and autumn, with vibrant colours and changing scenery, like the shower of blossoms from weeping cherries, the fragrant wisteria petals on the ground, and the showy banksia flowers that attract birds with their nectar. The Cathedral Range provides a lovely backdrop, adding to the charm and tranquillity of the garden. We also have a dedicated firepit area, perfect for relaxing evenings and enjoyable gatherings.

Our enduring goal for the garden is to achieve a timeless fusion of beauty, tranquillity, personality, and low maintenance, making it a special place for us.


New Garden

Additional Attractions:

  • Sausage Sizzle - Fundraiser for Marysville Primary School (10.30am - 3.30pm)
  • Pans on Fire - Sunday Only - (11am & 1pm)
  • Daryl Callander (Sculptor)
The Alexandra & District Open Gardens Weekend has been running since 1990 and these are some of the best reasons to consider coming up to Alexandra and the district this October.


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