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Garden #3
Michelle Fleming & Michael Heyes

A large country garden with Japanese maples, hydrangeas, a native garden with a dry creek bed, perennial gardens, recycled timber arbour and a garden full of lush leafy plants.

Garden Owner
Michelle Fleming and Michael Heyes

12 Glendale Lane Taggerty


When we moved to the property in 2018, the garden was just an empty paddock. Since then, we have worked, mainly by hand and sometimes with some extra labour from parents, to develop the garden.

We are lucky to have good soil and access to water from the Acheron, and one of the earliest things we did was put in an expansive irrigation system. To begin with, many of the plants came from cuttings from our previous garden in Alexandra.

Each garden area has a different theme as I didn’t just want one style throughout. We have a shady garden which has Japanese maples and hydrangeas, a drier native garden complete with dry creek bed, perennial gardens, a large recycled timber arbour and a garden area full of lush, leafy plants. The most recently updated area has a Tuscan feel with olives and stone walls. Common themes throughout are silver-greys and deep purples. The garden also produces plenty of food, with fruit growing nine months of the year including berries, stone fruit, figs and citrus. There are raised veggie beds, which seem to keep expanding, close by to the chickens who enjoy all the scraps.

Although a large garden, the maintenance is not excessive – mainly mowing along with a big prune once a year and mulching every couple of years. The garden is continuing to evolve as it establishes, and as the deciduous trees grow larger our plantings will be updated to ensure they continue to suit the changing environment. 

We look forward to welcoming you to our garden.


New Garden

Additional Attractions:

  • Country Farm Perennials (unique and rare seeds)
  • Blaze Rustic Furniture (Birdhouses)
The Alexandra & District Open Gardens Weekend has been running since 1990 and these are some of the best reasons to consider coming up to Alexandra and the district this October.


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