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Alexandra & District Open Gardens

Saturday 26th & Sunday 27th October 2024 *  10am - 4pm  *  Come ... be inspired!

Garden #4
Louise & Bob Flowers

A medium town garden with mini bushland in the front garden, native plantings, mature trees, lawn areas and garden beds containing perennials and bushes.

Garden Owners
Louise & Bob Flowers

17 Perkins Street Alexandra


Eight years after moving to a garden with very little shade we have now begun to cull trees to let some winter sun in to the back of our house.

A section of our front garden has been transformed into a mini bushland which is attracting small birds, insects and frogs. As well it acts as a screen for the house from the street.  Here native plantings have also been successfully incorporated into areas which were first planted with exotics.

The back garden is more expansive with mature trees, lawn areas, and garden beds containing perennials and bushes.  The lawn flows down to the rocky banks of UT Creek which offers us a sensational borrowed landscape.

You may find this a surprising garden for the centre of town.

Additional Attractions:

  • Mandy Willaton (Totem Poles)
  • Cordina Customs (Knives)
The Alexandra & District Open Gardens Weekend has been running since 1990 and these are some of the best reasons to consider coming up to Alexandra and the district this October.


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